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koro_sutro's Journal

2 November
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"What sustains us in our forties is not what sustains us in our twenties."
"Walt Whitman was more American than America will ever be allowed to become."
"It is essential to have knowledge, it is also essential to escape the Known."
"fort yawuh", "the singing detective", 20th century choral works, albert ayler, ampex audio, angle grinder, angry parrots, aphrodite's child, arnold dreyblatt, building custom musical instruments, clarice lispector, demolition hammer, fractal melodic contour, gamelan, george grosz, guqin, guzheng, harry partch, hoarding (paper) books, hoarding cats, hobo nickles, improvisation, internet 1.0, james merrill, jan potocki, kate bush, keith jarrett, liminality, lou harrison, max msp, metallophones, onion skin paper, open reel, oskar kokoschka, papaya, paper books, paper ephemera, paul bowles, performance, plating brass w gold, poteroo., pure data, ramen-ya, realism, redbreast whiskey, reel to reel, smash your smartphone, spaulding gray, the staten island ferry, theremin, tobacco, too many cats, vintage pornography, yemen cuisine